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We Welcome you to this New Cycle, this New Time, this New Dimension.

We Welcome you to the 5th Dimension and the Feminine Energies of Mother Earth.

We Welcome you to Awakening; The Next Sense....

Personal Services and Sessions offered by Bee

Bee offers her expertise in many ways:

  • Through coaching and energetic infusion/healing sessions she can help you connect to your body and become more aware of what is occurring in it.

  • Through private sessions and in her classes she can assist you in learning to listen, identify, and welcome your inner voice of intuition.

  • In her energetic infusion/healing classes you can learn to provide healing for yourself and others.

  • Learn how to facilitate quantum self-alignments to accelerate your spiritual growth and feel more grounded.

  • Coaching for parents that have children that are specially gifted

  • She facilitates energetic infusions/healings, guidance and coaching to those that have been diagnosed as terminally ill.

  • She provides assistance to those who are about to cross over.

  • She works with animals and their owners to help them find healing and balance.


Coaching Session
$150 USD
Quantum Energetic Infusion/Healing Session
$150 USD

In a Quantum Energetic Infusion/Healing, Bee connects with the cosmic and earth energies, her heart and that of the client. She then focuses on the client with the intention and attention for the person to receive healing.  This is done primarily without touching the client when facilitated in person.  This type of healing works on all levels, physical to spiritual and multidimensional and can be facilitated in person or by distance.

Quantum Alignment
2 Sessions total: $375 USD

The specific pattern of the Awakening Quantum Alignment activates the Axiatonal System with the energy through points and lines.  Through this specific process we are unifying the patterns of internal channels in the physical body and in our more subtle bodies.  This allows for a more rapid process of spiritual growth and mental clarity while also providing healing and cellular activation.

These sessions are an enlightened process of conversing with the client and gaining insight on what the person may need and offering suggestions on how they may best proceed in their life path. The primary focus is on ones healing and spiritual growth, but can include marital, employment, or many other issues.

Intuitve Reading
$150 USD

These sessions are intuitive reading sessions for any client that needs a bit of guidance on their life path. Bee connects to the client’s energetic field, her guides and the clients guides and collects helpful information from the field and transmits that information to the client.  These sessions can be on any topic necessary to assist in that client’s personal and spiritual growth and healing.  This may also include a channeling from a higher level being or Pachamama.

This Phase II alignment session can be facilitated in person or by distance, but is suggested that at least one be facilitated in person.  Bee connects with the cosmic and earth energies and her heart and that of the client.  She then focuses on the client with the intention and attention to follow a more advanced specific pattern, on that person.  This is done without touching the client.  Bee with the client sense and discern whether the person is ready to receive this advanced work.

Phase II Quantum Alignment
$200 USD 

" I bow to the Divinity within You"

Swami Rama


Bee's greeting after a healing session

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