We Welcome you to this New Cycle, this New Time, this New Dimension.

We Welcome you to the 5th Dimension and the Feminine Energies of Mother Earth.

We Welcome you to Awakening; The Next Sense....

Seminar and Class Descriptions


Awakening: The Next Sense now offers a variety of seminars, classes and individual sessions that will facilitate your specific need for healing; how to refine your intuition, facilitate self-healing and alignment; facilitate sessions for others, and open yourself up to the new, potent energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth) that are available to us today. As a result, you will feel more connected to yourself, the people and things around you and the Universe - "All That Is". Our clients and students experience a level of love that has not been felt before. They feel extremely comfortable, centered, refreshed and grounded. This is because the energy not only includes the new Intelligent Energies of the Universe available in “the quantum field”  that are present; but also the awakened Divine Feminine within the human being, channeled through the renewed force of Pachamama in a new way, with a stronger connection to the heart center. By virtue of this being a very feminine energy, our work naturally is attributed to being very feminine.  Although the energy is very powerful and supportive, it emits and intense feeling of love and compassion.


We are aware that this work, through these energies, has more to do with our spiritual and evolvement growth and expansion, especially through the vibrational activation of our DNA, which is preparing and indeed taking us into the next chronological global cycle.


In our seminars, we assist you in connecting to your intuition and heart center prior to teaching you the basic healing / energetic infusion and alignment techniques. Once a person is connected to their intuition and heart they are consciously coupled to their Perfect Selves where they are in harmony with God and "all that is".


Quantum Energetic Frequencies is a form of healing and evolvement that activates / elevates the vibration of the DNA, awakens the consciousness, and accelerates the approach of balance, love and peace; both spiritually, individually and that of the world. This is a new time, we have begun a new cycle and have left behind what we have completed or achieved, giving way to the frequencies of change, and opening ourselves up to a connection to the 5th dimension that leads to other levels of healing, spirituality and abundance.


The new energetic frequencies from the quantum field, now combined with the new feminine energies of Mother Earth, give us a new force on the planet.


What makes this work different from all energy healing work? This is a new conscious, fluid and evolvement healing energy, which is here to help us in our growth process during this time of tumultuous change in the history of the earth. We are at a point in our evolution as human beings where the culminating changes are occurring rapidly.


This work is guided by unseen forces of love and expansion that allow us to connect to the universal webs of consciousness, healing, evolvement, and love.  Through the work of alignment we are brought back into wholeness by unifying the internal channels in our physical body and in our subtle bodies.


The philosophy of this work is: love, consciousness, acceptance, cooperation and a certainty that it will continue to grow and change.


This is an infinitely sacred energy and work.




Taught by Bee Jimpson


The following is a list of the classes, seminars, and sessions that are currently being offered, with a brief description.  For more detailed information on each class click the appropriate link.


Module I - Fundamentals of Intuition and Energetic Infusion / Healing Basics:

In this two day intensive class (two and a half days when translation is necessary) we will teach you basic skills to connect to your inner voice of intuition and knowing.  You will be taught to connect to your heart center and be able to receive information from your guides and your inner knowing.  Through exercises and the use of different tools you can achieve a level of comfort that will enable you to depend on your intuition for guidance and information. 


You will also learn basic healing techniques.  We teach you about energy and how healing carries energy and vibration.  You are taught to handle, carry, use and be present with these new energies to facilitate energetic infusions, self-healing; healing for friends and family and distance healing for others.

Detailed Information Here



Module II - Quantum Energetic Infusion / Healing and Alignment – Practitioner Level:

This two day class begins by teaching you to learn to listen to your inner guidance through developing your intuition with simple exercises and meditations.  These meditations have the focus of assisting you to connect deeply into your heart center and activate your “third eye”. Then you will be able to feel and experience the new energies.  You will learn to work with these new frequencies of energy to facilitate healing sessions; distance healing, self-healing, environmental healing or of buildings and rooms, and holographic healing.


Then you will learn the specific pattern of the Awakening Quantum Alignment which activates the Axiatonal System through the energy with points and lines.  Individuals taking this class will be certified as Awakening: Quantum Healing and Alignment practitioners. 

Detailed Information Here



Module III - Quantum Energetic Infusion and Phase II Alignment - Practitioner Level:

This is an advanced class for those that have been working with these processes for at least six months with a clear understanding of them, and have a self-identified level of intuition to be able to scrutinize and discern which individuals they should assist with this advanced work.


Prerequisites to this class are completion of Module I and Module II; having had the Quantum Alignment facilitated on you and having been an active practitioner for a minimum of six months.  Detailed Information Here



Fundamentals of Quantum Self-Energetic Infusion / Healing and Self-Alignment:

In this two day intensive class you will learn basic skills to connect to your inner voice of intuition and knowing.  You will be taught to connect to your heart center and be able to receive information from your spirit guides and your own inner guidance.


You will also learn basic healing techniques.  We teach you about energy and how healing carries energy and vibration. You are taught to handle, carry, use and be present with these new energies to facilitate energetic infusions, self-healing; healing for friends and family and distance healing for others.


There is a process of alignment that you will be taught to do on yourself to continue the growth and evolvement process that these new energies bring with them.  By being conscious of the Axiatonal System on our bodies we can activate it regularly by feeling the energy and following the pattern and guidance of Spirit.  Detailed Information Here



Quantum Self-Alignment for Children:

This three to four hour class is for children from the ages of 6 to 12.  Children will learn, with music and rhymes, to activate the Axiatonal System on their own bodies for their own enjoyment and evolvement.  Detailed Information Here



Energetic Contact and Exchange in Partnership:

This one day class will encompass touch, stretching and energetic exchange, physically, spiritually, visually and through the breath and heart.  This will also bring us closer to nature and strengthen our connection to ourselves and others.  This work is done in partnership so it is preferable to bring someone with you that you would like to become closer to, and to which you would like to feel a stronger tie.  This partnership can be between parent and child, siblings, partners or married couples, business partners or close friends.


This class begins with meditations and visualizations with self and connecting to one’s heart.  We feel and become accustomed to the healing and expansion of the new energies of the Universe and Pachamama.  We practice and play with the energies and then begin to practice on each other.  As we become aware of the energies and the subtle differences between them with each other, we begin doing fun exercises to exchange energetic awareness with eyes open, eyes closed and blindfolded. 


By the end of this class, individuals feel more centered, more connected to their life force center and in harmony with their partner.  Although it is preferable to bring a partner, it is not necessary.  We can pair up individuals and will result in a deep connection to self and openness to others.



Contact Information  -  Información de Contacto  -  Coordonnées: 

Bee Jimpson:  +651-491-0996 USA  -  E-mail: info@BeeJimpson.com  -  Skype: beejimpson