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We Welcome you to this New Cycle, this New Time, this New Dimension.

We Welcome you to the 5th Dimension and the Feminine Energies of Mother Earth.

We Welcome you to Awakening; The Next Sense....

How it all Began

After I left the healing work that I had been doing for almost 10 years I was asked to go to Chile to facilitate my classes on Fundamentals of Intuition.  My friend Claudia, who had organized the events, also told me about a couple of individuals that she wanted me to meet, one of which was a "quantum surgeon" which wanted to meet me and asked for our cooperation in the work he was doing.


When I first met this man it seemed like a reunion of old friends and we spent time talking and getting reacquainted.  Even though we had never met we felt that we knew each other.  It was a warm and loving experience.  In the course of our conversations I asked if he would show me his work so that I could familiarize myself with his therapy.  I assumed that he would show me by using either his wife or my friend, but he told me to lie down and he would work on me.  It was an interesting experience and during the session I wanted to stay conscious so I could observe (on all levels) what he was doing.


Within minutes I could feel my energy body getting bigger and bigger and more robust.  It felt a bit strange but I continued to observe the experience.  After it was finished, my friend and his wife commented on how they felt like there was an explosion of energy, or some kind of expansion of sorts that was happening, and they found it difficult to stay awake.  When he returned he also commented on how different that session was and that he had not had one like that before.  He also commented on how difficult it was to enter my field.


I did not think much of the experience until after I arrived home and was asked by a friend to do a distance healing for her.  She is a friend that I have done sessions on before; therefore she was familiar with how I did them.  During the session I felt the energy moving differently in me, so i tried to make it feel (and how I visually saw it) the way it had before.  At that moment I heard an audible voice (although internal) that told me: “Stop trying to force it, this is different, allow it to flow”.  I did so and when the session was over my friend immediately called me, even though I assumed she would be sleeping, to ask me what I had done.  She commented on how this session was different and how the energy that flowed felt very different.  This is what caused me to start asking what was happening and why.  I began experimenting with different friends and realized, with every session, that this was a different level of energy that was flowing.  It felt more loving and very deeply rooted in Mother Earth.  As I practiced on friends and family they all gave very similar feedback; they felt very grounded, they felt an expansion of the heart, a loving knowing and sense of security that was being transmitted through this energy that was not there prior.


New Energy

I am not one to believe that “new energy” is given to only one person on the planet and that only through this individual can a person receive the energy that comes with them; but clearly something had changed in me and people were feeling it and experiencing it through my work.


This is where I began to experiment with the energy to see how our human body’s best responded to it and what best way to use it for whatever purpose it was given.  I understood that it could be used to heal the human body; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and more.  I had family and friends that I experimented with and those that had problems felt better and some received significant healings from issues they had.


I immediately felt the energy leading me to use my fingers in spiral movements and my hand in a grabbing or raking motion.  I had already received requests to teach the work so I began communicating with the Energy itself, my Guides and Masters to understand the best way of doing this.  One thing that was clear was that people needed at least a minimal understanding of intuition development or expansion to be able to perceive the energy and be able to use it or facilitate it to others.


I was told by my guides, that I could teach some sort of alignment that would facilitate individuals’ personal and spiritual growth.  That is where I began to search and study different graphics that I found on the Internet that were derived from the same original channeling about 30 years ago.  The system of points and lines are so old that the "new" revised ones have changed slightly to accommodate the new flow of energy.  These were the lines and points, some call the Axiatonal System, spoken of prior by J. J. Hurtak in The Book of Knowledge; the Keys of Enoch.


When I looked at the manual (Whole-Self Attunement) that had been sent to me by an acquaintance, I realized it had almost all the lines and points that were being guided to activate with this new conscious energy.  At the very beginning we used those graphics with some changes, and realized quickly that the system changed slightly according to the flow of energy in us as humans.  As we have continued with this work there have been regular changes to how the system is facilitated according to the way the energy changes and grows and how it guides us to work.  This is a conscious energy and can communicate with all of us at any time if we open our hearts to it.  This is another reason why I was instructed to teach basic intuition to individuals so that they can be receptive and sensitive to how the energy flows and communicates.


Since then, I have received channeled and inspired information from 5 countries from individuals that have no contact or knowledge of each other, and that I did not know prior to the channelings.  The first was in Chile through Emmanuel.  Other channelings have come from the Ascended Masters, from Metatron and Melchizedek.  I am sharing some of the information here that I have been given.


This is like an “upgrade” that can be experienced and it happened in Chile because of the energetic portal there.  Because of the times that you are living in you need to stay open to the flow of energy and the changes that come through it for your balance and progression during these challenging times.  As long as people stay connected to the energy and use it regularly through meditation, on themselves or others, it will continue to grow and morph within each of you.  It is like the next higher octave that you have reached to.


I recently asked that if the portal opened in Chile and this began after the session with this man, why was I the one to have experienced this and to spread this new work?


The event in Chile was an initiation, or baptism of sorts, to allow you to believe that there had been a change so that you would be able to share it with others.  It was easier for it to occur there where the energy was more open and potent; because everything was there and the timing was perfect, and you had lost enough fear to be able to perceive the energy.


The work was given to you so that you could help in opening their hearts so that through the open hearts they accept love.  So then, to receive from these energies, the circle must become smaller and smaller.  That love is what has helped you to open these new energies.


It is a maternal energy…. It had to be delivered through a woman.  That is also what made you eligible.   Because it is the work of the souls that have incarnated as women that transmit this energy through the DNA particular to the woman and it was not permitted to have been done earlier.  It was a woman that was able to do it because the woman is the one who gave the permission, not man.  There are many beautiful energies but it is not the same when transmitted by a woman than a man.  You have loved all the people with which you have had contact. This is a maternal energy and one has to be a mother to understand the energy of the Earth because She is maternal.


I asked if there were other people that are transmitting this energy.


Yes, the children that are being called “rainbow children”.  They have the ability to easily transmit this energy and that is why things come to them so easily.  There are many children all over the world and when they are needed they assist. Indigo and Crystal children are not the same but they can evolve to become a rainbow as you have also evolved to this level.  They must be at that vibration to be able to hold and put the level of joy that is injected into every person.  It is not understood sufficiently that we are the ones that enter into the body through the field of this energy.  We enter into your flesh when you accept this energy.  We are the Melchizedek that is working through this energy.


So, when a person does not have the sufficient vibration or has not had the sufficient opportunity to elevate their vibration, we stay on the periphery of their vibration, like a gelatinous energy around the person, until they open their cocoon so that we can enter and do the work we were commissioned to do by our Mother and Father.  So the energy is like a vaccine that stays there until the person is ready to use it.  They remain inoculated with our love.


People cannot be in this energy simply because they want to be in the latest energetic fashion (particularly those that choose to be practitioners and instructors).  Yes, it is a new energy but it is important that every person involved love many people.  It is a test of love for each individual to free themselves of their fears and allow themselves to love at a much deeper level.


The energy that you offer is injected into people that are ready to open their hearts to receive much more love.  People choose to recognize it or not, and if not, they will be given another opportunity in the future to accept it.


More information has been coming since these communications that will be made available in the future.  For now, I share this information from my heart with much love.


Bee Jimpson 

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