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We Welcome you to this New Cycle, this New Time, this New Dimension.

We Welcome you to the 5th Dimension and the Feminine Energies of Mother Earth.

We Welcome you to Awakening; The Next Sense....

News and Articles

Journal of Emergence

Bee Jimpson - Author


Articles written through Bee by Papa Juan and Pachamama (Mother Earth).


Short Daily Meditations Make All the Difference - December 2014

Healthy Practices: Eating, Thinking, and Living - November 2014

Challenge Your Mindset - October 2014

Connect with Earth to Ease the Strife of Ascension - September 2014

Your Continued Ascension - August 2014

The Shrinking Disparity of Opposites - July 2014

We Are Here for You - May 2014

The Connection between the Ego and the New Energies - April 2014

Re-creating Human Community - March 2014

The Seasons, the Hemispheres, the Environment, and Self-Care - February 2014

How to Deal with the Changing Energies - January 2014

Free Yourself from Mental and Emotional Limitations - December 2013

Distrust and Drama: How They Relate to Your Current Human... - November 2013

Let' s Talk About Reincarnation - October 2013

Ascension Is Linked to Changes in DNA - September 2013

What Really Lies beyond Death - August 2013

The Origins of Vibrational Communication - July 2013

You Can Manipulate Time - June 2013

Embrace the Divine Feminine - April 2013

Resolve to Be More Positive - February 2013

Finding your Connection to Unified Consciousness - January 2013

Edge Magazine

Bee Jimpson - Author 2012


I have known for a long time that wheat was a menace to our health; even the most healthy whole grain wheat products can be detrimental. There have been different times in the past 15 years that I eliminated wheat and felt better, lost weight and gained energy. Then after a few months, I would find it difficult to maintain a wheat free diet when traveling to other countries, especially Latin American countries that rely so heavily on bread as a staple in their diets. I did not concern myself with all gluten products, since my reactions were not as severe as some who are allergic to it.

The Pyramids

Bee Jimpson - Author 2011


I have been given some amazing information about our planet.  We have been told that our planet is going through a magnetic pole shift that will affect all life on this planet.  In the past years and currently more so, I have felt a subtle dichotomy about how this would happen and what the outcome of our species as humans would ultimately be.  As I have contemplated this I have come to a deep resolve that, even though we are spiritually immortal beings, it did not make sense that our Mother would annihilate the majority of her human population without thought or care......

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The Calm During a Storm

Bee Jimpson - Author 2011



In this time of devastation in different parts of the world we are brought to contemplate the important things for each of us; family, love, communication with friends and family, sharing meals and conversing over a cup of coffee, tea or wine. In some places these events and even these types of thoughts are far from the minds of many. Some have lost loved ones and others have lost homes, vehicles and more......

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Essential Wellness

Bee Jimpson - Author 2011


Article on Managing Pain Holistically: Alternative Medicine offers Effective Pain Management

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Essential Wellness

Bee Jimpson - Author 2011


Article on Evolving 
Consciousness: Take Opportunity now to Expand your Consciousness

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