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Nous vous invitons à ce nouveau cycle, ce 
nouveau temps, cette nouvelle dimension.
Nous vous invitons à la 5ème dimension et les 
énergies féminines de la Terre Mère.
Nous vous accueillons à l'Eveil, au-dela du sens suivant

2017 & 2018: Seminars, Sacred Tours, and Retreats


Activate the Divine Feminine through Energetic Infusions / Healing, Intuition, and Alignement !

Presented by Bee Jimpson

Upcoming: Sacred Tours and Retreats


          (specific dates coming soon)


       September 12-18, 2018


  • Chile, Bolivia, and Peru -

       October 2018


  • Guatemala & Belize - 

       November 2018c dates coming soon)



Personal one on one sessions remote or in person Bee helps facilitate your journey to healing yourself.  She offers gentle guidance and assistance in discovering your inner peace.  


Experience a Sacred Tour or Retreat ! These are a journey to discover the Divine Sacredness within, and the newly awakened potent energies of Pachamama (Mother Earth), through visiting sacred locations on our planet.

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